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5 Tips to get anti-aging skin naturally 5-Ways-Of-Natural-Anti-Aging-Skin-Care

By Joseph Green

With age comes wisdom, as they say, and for most people life simply gets better and better as they age. We have more money, more experience, more time and an understanding that life is short and we want to enjoy every minute of it. But, with age also comes sagging, wrinkling, aging skin that upsets men and women alike.

The following 5 tips can help you slow down the hands of time, allowing you to age gracefully and enjoy life while still looking your best!

(1) White and green tea face mask

Green and white tea are known to calm inflamed aging skin, which means reducing acne and minimizing red spots, while soothing aging skin. To make a green and white tee face mask steep green and white tea bags in water to make a very strong tea. Then, add sugar and lemon juice to the tea, using enough sugar to make the tea a spreadable paste. Adding the sugar provides exfoliation (removing dead surface skin cells) revealing youthful, glowing skin below (Schroeder, 2013). The lemon juice helps reduce natural oils (Schroeder, 2013), so it is especially good for those who suffer from oily aging skin.

One great recipe (inspired by Schroeder, 2013): 2 bags green tea, 2 bags white tea, 1 cup distilled or spring water, 2 tablespoons sugar, ½ tablespoon lemon juice. Heat the water to boiling and steep tea bags 5 minutes. Then mix in other ingredients. Spread on face and neck; leave 15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. Use this at least once a week, but daily is fine.

(2) Sugar and lemon juice scrub

If you want to go just a little simpler, or if you ran out of organic tea bags, try a soothing sugar and lemon scrub to reveal more youthful skin and give you a clean, fresh feeling. This is a great morning scrub to rejuvenate you and rev you up for the day, though many people (men and women, alike) find it relaxing just before bed. Simply take a ¼ cup of warm water, dissolve a couple tablespoons of sugar in it, and then add a tablespoon of lemon. Gently massage into skin to exfoliate, and then rinse with warm, clean water and pat dry. Again, once a week is great, but daily is fine as well.

(3) Honey ginger hot water to drink

This is a well-known drink in ancient cultures around the world, known to help with digestive issues as well as improving the vitality of aging skin. Simply boil a bit of grated ginger root (about a tablespoon) in a cup of pure water. After boiling steep 10-15 minutes, then remove the root chunks. Let the water cool to a drinkable temperature, then add a tablespoon of honey. Mix and drink. This is a very soothing drink after a difficult day or in any cold season, soothing wind torn faces and warming the body from the inside out.

Drink a glass every day, but one caution: if you have blood sugar issues, consult a doctor or nutritionist. While honey is low on the glycemic index it is not advised for young children or people with blood sugar issues.

(4) Polynesia juice

Also called noni juice, this natural fruit juice is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Sure, bulk vitamins are great, but noni juice packs a similar punch! Noni juice has been praised for powering the immune system, digestion, and other systems, for containing tons of healthful amino acids, vitamin C, antioxidants, and more. And, noni juice contains a blend of three essential fatty acids – acids which our bodies cannot manufacture on their own, but which are essential to healthful, youthful skin and dermal regeneration.

Just as with honey, those with blood sugar concerns should be careful about drinking too much Polynesia juice. But for most people, a glass every day is a very healthful choice.

(5) Grape seed extracts

Grape juice, as well as grape seed extract, is an excellent antioxidant. In fact, grape seed extract, when taken orally, has been clinically proven to reduce free radicals (Vitseva et al, 2005). Antioxidants are commonly accepted as being one of the most important substances for helping slow the aging process of skin. Thus, it stands to reason that grape seed extract can help keep your skin looking young and healing itself well. And as a bonus, grape seed extract is also known to help with the heart and blood flow, as well as lowering cholesterol. European studies have found benefits of taking 100-300 mgs a day of grape seed extract.


Taken alone, none of the above will knock 20 years off your looks. However, when all included as part of a healthy diet, exercise and aging skin care regime, it is possible to look far younger than you really are, and let’s face it: when we look younger, we act and feel younger.


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