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My name is Ed Clements and I am an independent fitness and health writer who offers advice to men and women explaining how to optimise hormone balance through diet, training, lif

About to start a medicine ball session!

About to start a medicine ball session!

estyle improvement and through intelligent supplementation.

For the past 15 years, I’ve had an insatiable desire to read all I can around health, fitness, sports training and fitness training, with a particular love for weights training.

But, not only have I read a huge variety of texts on these topics, I have constantly experimented on myself, taking all kinds of supplements and trying countless different diets and training programs.

Some of these supplements have helped to improve my performance, often only temporarily, however, but some have made me feel much, much worse.

Great, stress busting workout!

Great, stress busting workout!

All mistakes aside, I’m still a firm believer that it’s only through trying many different methods, techniques, supplements and so forth, and through actively pushing the limits of your capabilities, that you can form meaningful opinions and can offer useful, unique advice.

The opinions, beliefs and recommendations outlined on muscle-health-fitness.com often clash with advise from the mainstream, but they are based on years of trial and error and have helped many readers.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles and, if you do, please feel free to share with friends and family and please do leave comments at the bottom of pages! Through discussion we can learn from each others’ positive and negative experiences!

Nutrition philosophy

I’ve been interested in the question of what exactly good nutrition is for most of my life, but over the last 15 years I have devoted a lot of my time to research into this area.

There is a clear cut relationship between our level of health and the nutrition we receive each day. The conclusions I’ve drawn as to what good nutrition is often clash with the typical advice that we hear, however.

With the correct nutritional knowledge it is easy to both become extremely lean, muscular, and to enjoy very high mental and physical energy levels each day.

I am not an expert, I am an experimenter. I built this site so that I can share all that I have learned about good nutrition and training and thereby can help people to improve their body compositions and to enjoy a more exciting and enjoyable life!

Training Philosophy

Physical exercise is a beneficial stressor: exercise causes free radicals to be produced, but the body compensates by producing greater amounts of endogenous antioxidants, with the net effect being a positive one!Chin-ups: About Ed Clements, muscle-health-fitness.com, Author: Testosterone Restoration Handbook

Weights training is great fun and is an easy way to improve your body composition and health.

Regular weights training improves your appearance by both building muscle and burning fat, strengthens your bones, improves your confidence and helps your sporting performance.

If I could only give one piece of weights training advice, it would be to get good at doing compound exercises such as the squat, the deadlift, the bench press, the chin-up and the pull-up. Regularly performing these compound weights exercises will greatly help with whole body muscle gain and will rapidly accelerate fat loss.

The majority of people are wasting their time at the gym by performing exercises with the wrong technique and by overdoing ineffective isolation exercises.

Kettlebell Renegade Rows: About Ed Clements, muscle-health-fitness.com, Author: Testosterone Restoration HandbookBodyweight exercises like pressups, pistols and chinups are massively underrated nowadays. I would recommend these exercises for all athletes as they directly translate into improved sporting performance and also help to keep bodyweight at the ideal level.

Kettlebells are also excellent training tools that are a lot of fun to use!

Another piece of fitness training advice would be to avoid overdoing aerobic exercise. Obsessive joggers never have muscular physiques and over practising activities like jogging can hurt your health through a number of mechanisms. Fat loss can be easily achieved through proper weights training and through diet alteration.

All the best,


Edward Clements

Muscle Health Fitness


10 Responses to About Ed Clements, Muscle-Health-Fitness.com

  1. david cowdery says:

    Hi Ed,
    I’ve just come across your site when researching treatment for high prolactin levels. Thought I’d drop you a line as I have been diagnosed with hemochromotosis and believe me there is nothing out there that gives any solutions to my problem.

    High iron is a killer and rare so it is controlled by regular phlebotomy. However, side effects seem difficult to treat. How do you stop the fatigue if you can’t take iron. You lose your sexual libedo yet it’s low iron that causes high prolactin. What’s that all about.

    Seems that no one has looked into this problem well enough yet about 10% of the population may be sufferers without knowing. Anyway, like you I’m going to keep researching and experimenting. Just like to thank you for your advice and bring this to your attention.

    Best regards


    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for adding this.

      May I ask if you have had your prolactin levels tested? Are they definitely high? Low iron can cause fatigue independently of potentially raising prolactin levels.

      If you do have high prolactin levels, you should be able to keep these down through using low doses of prescription dopamine agonists such as cabergoline or bromocriptine (cabergoline tends to cause fewer side effects).

      If I can be of help during your research/experimenting, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email via the contact form or to post a message at the bottom of one of these pages.

      All the best,


  2. Mohammad Ali says:

    I m mohammad ali. I have to know from which type of we take inwhich the zinc conce, is more.
    Which type of nutient to need for our health to arise the muscles plz let me know that.

  3. Mary Rowe says:

    Thanks for your postings. Great share and love your treatise on maca powder – my experience (as a diabetic) has been change in body composition over an 18-month period evidenced by the way my clothing fits – less belly flab and a fairly consistent weight with a trimmer appearance. Now to add that aerobic exercise! 😉

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with using maca. Your experiences are fairly typical of women who try the supplement. For the exercise, a 45 minute walk 5 times a week is a very, low stress way to lose body fat that many women find very effective.


  4. Jay says:

    Ed, thanks for a really thorough article that you wrote on zinc. I am in my late 40s, a vegetarian, and have experienced lowered libido despite my great physique and regular workouts. I have included zinc as a supplement and have seen improvements but I just wanted to make sure that taking 35 mg of zinc daily was not overdoing it. I feel better now that I can continue to take it.

    • Hi – thanks for your feedback.

      35mg is a good dosage to take on a daily basis for many men, depending on whether you are marginally zinc deficient or not (most men these days are marginally zinc deficient). Benefits of this dosage for mildly zinc deficient men are improved sex drive, energy levels, mood and strength levels.

      For a man with healthy zinc levels, I would suggest that getting around 15mg a day from food and/or a supplement is a good approach.

      If you feel good on the 35mg a day, I would continue. As long as your stay below taking 50mg a day on a continued basis, my experiences and feedback from readers is that you do not need to worry about creating imbalance in levels of other minerals such as iron, copper and manganese.

      If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by posting on site page or via the contact form page.


  5. Seema Ghai says:

    Hi Edward
    I am Seema from New Delhi. I am suffering from Fibromyalgia. Please tell me the treatment for the same.
    Please email me on seema.ghai1974@gmail.com.
    Kind Regards
    Seema Ghai

    • Hi Seema,

      I’m afraid that I’m not a doctor and can’t really give advice on this topic. My recommendation would be to learn what you can from the internet to understand the various different treatment options and then to contact a variety of different doctors.


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