It’s extremely frowned upon in this day and age to write anything negative about fish oil supplements but, believe it or not, a lot of people experience very negative effects from taking fish oil.

In fact, despite being told fish oil supplements will improve gym performance, eliminate acne, cure inflammatory diseases etc, you might actually find that your libido disappears, your mood suddenly takes a turn for the worse and that you’re suddenly having to battle insurmountable fatigue.

I have personally tried to take fish oil supplements on a number of occasions but experienced nothing but negative effects. I have learned my lesson and will certainly not take fish oil supplements again.

Fish Oil Supplements Lower Libido And Worsen Mood??

I might write more about fish oil supplements in the coming weeks but, for now, I wanted to share with you an email chain that I recently held with a  Tongkat Ali purchaser where it became apparent that fish oil supplements (plain fish oil and cod liver oil) were causing him to experience negative side effects:

Reader question discussing fish oil supplements:
‘Hi Ed, I just received the Tongkat Ali and took 2 capsules right away. I did notice an effect within about an hour after taking them. I’m wondering if this is normal due primarily to the fact that I have been on a 20 day cycle of Rexavar, which contains tongkat or if you think this was just a placebo effect in your opinion?
I also forgot to mention the other supplements I have been taking. I have recently started taking fish oil, cod liver oil, zinc 50 mg, and vitamin b12. These shouldn’t have an adverse interaction with TA right?’
Ed Clements:

‘It’s not at all unusual to experience an immediate effect (from taking Tongkat Ali), particularly in terms of mood. Regarding the supplements you’re taking:

Fish oil supplements/cod liver oil: I don’t feel good taking fish oil supplements and I know quite a few guys who also experience negative effects. There is some research showing fish oil supplements can lower a man’s testosterone levels and a guy I really respect called Ray Peat believes fish oil supplements lower thyroid function. That said, many guys swear by fish oil supplements. You’ll have to see what works best for you.

Zinc: 50mg is quite a high long term dose but is fine for a few months. There’s some evidence to suggest that long term over supplementation can lower the conversion of testosterone into DHT. It can also throw off your overall mineral balance (copper, manganese, iron etc). A good long term dose is 10-15mg of zinc along side a zinc rich diet.

B12: I’ve not really experimented with this. I can’t think of any reasons why it would reduce the effectiveness of Tongkat Ali.’


‘Hi Ed, thank you for your feedback. I have experienced a drop in sex drive since I have started taking fish oil supplements. That explains a lot. I’m going to stop taking them. For a good source of vitamin A and D what would you suggest? Liver?’

Ed Clements:

‘I experience the same, plus a worsened mood. I really don’t think taking high dose fish oil supplements is healthy but many people are brainwashed by short term studies touted in main stream press.

An easy way to get enough vitamin A is to eat liver once every week or other week and to regularly eat good quality eggs.

For vitamin D, sun exposure is best. If this isn’t possible, you may need to supplement. I recommend you test your levels. If you don’t want to do that, maybe stick to 2000 IU per day. I’m not convinced that very high dose daily vitamin D supplementation is safe, although many do. I took 5000 IU per day for a while and experienced side effects very much resembling mild hypercalcemia.’


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‘Hi Ed, I too experienced a worsened mood (from fish oil supplements), I felt depressed seemingly out of nowhere. I have stopped the fish oil supplement. I am going to continue to have my boiled egg everyday and am looking into beef or chicken liver (free range of course).

I am on day two of combining Rexavar and TA! I’m looking forward to the next 45 days and what it

will bring!’

Ed Clements:

‘Thanks for passing that on, David. I’m hearing similar feedback from a lot of male readers.

Free range eggs, beef and chicken (balanced with sufficient carbs and fat), are excellent foods for optimising your testosterone levels.’

Final comments

I’m not saying you shouldn’t take fish oil supplements – just because something doesn’t work for me and a lot of guys I have heard from, this doesn’t mean fish oil supplements won’t work for you.

What I am saying is that you shouldn’t blindly take any supplement assuming that just because your doctor or the main stream press says it’s good for you it actually will be! There’s big money behind supplement sales and fish oil is one of the best sellers!


2 Responses to Fish Oil Supplements Lower Libido And Worsen Mood??

  1. Lirpa says:

    I too have tried the best quality and most expensive fish oil on the market, in several forms, over several years, only to feel horrible and throw it away. I will not try fish oil anymore. Perhaps it is due to my MTHFR genetic mutation? I did read somewhere that if you’re prone to infection, to not take fish oil, due to possible harmful microbes. Well, I am prone to infection. May not be tru for others, but no fish oil for me. Thank you for this article!

    • No problem at all. I’ve tried fish oil on a number of different occasions and it definitely worsens my overall level of health. I have less energy, look more tired and it worsens my hair and skin quality. I think Ray Peat may be onto something regarding his omega 3 views.

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