Correct Low Testosterone Symptoms with ALPHA PLUS, Hormone Optimiser


ALPHA PLUS is a new Male Hormone Optimizer that is designed to be used as a stand-alone natural testosterone enhancer to correct low testosterone symptoms.

Alternatively, it can be used, in combination with 1:200 strength 600mg tongkat ali root extract capsules to aggressively raise free and total testosterone levels.

‘Just a note to say that Alpha Plus is an added boost to the Tongkat Ali. Thanks, and I believe I will make the combination of the two a few of the supplements that I will continue using.’

Anonymous, Michigan, USA

Why it is important to correct low testosterone symptoms

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There are many benefits to having a high testosterone level – men with high testosterone levels tend to have more muscle mass, lower body-fat fat levels and a better sex life than men with lower testosterone levels.

It is important to have high testosterone levels for a man to maintain a positive mental outlook, high confidence levels and a general joy for life!

longer-term benefits to maintaining high testosterone levels may include protection against chronic Western diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis and depression. These diseases have been repeatedly tied to suboptimal testosterone levels and are even described by some doctors as being low testosterone symptoms.

‘I received my Alpha Plus. I have been on them for roughly a bit over two weeks now. I am getting positive noticeable effects from them.

My mood has improved massively, my strength is quickly returning, I reckon it’s improving my sperm production too.’

Anonymous, New South Wales, Australia

Why Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) Is So Risky

Correct low testosterone levels with Alpha Plus

Alpha Plus!

Click here to purchase premium 1:200/ 600MG strength Indonesian tongkat ali root extract – the most potent tongkat ali product available – with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee

Despite having talked about how important raising testosterone levels to correct low testosterone symptoms is, the solution should not be to use a testosterone replacement gel each day.

It is hugely preferable, whenever possible, to naturally stimulate testosterone production, rather than to resort to Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).

TRT is risky and is a lifelong decision. TRT rapidly shuts down what is left of your natural testosterone production, causing embarrassing issues such as testicular atrophy (shrinkage).

The extensively documented benefits of naturally maintaining a high testosterone level is the reason why there are so many nutritional supplements on the market targeted at raising testosterone levels and correcting low testosterone symptoms.

Major problems and side effects of most natural testosterone enhancers

Problem 1: They don’t work!

Whilst a lot of products claim to naturally increase testosterone levels and correct low testosterone symptoms, most don’t even slightly elevate testosterone! Some products do, however, give an aphrodisiac and energizing effect that fools users into feeling as if there testosterone levels are improved.

Problem 2: Major side effects!

For those products that actually do raise testosterone, this change often comes with a price.

One problem that can occur is that other hormones such as estrogen and prolactin become imbalanced, causing men to feel worse than before they took the supplement. Elevated estrogen and prolactin are leading causes of embarrassing problems such as erectile dysfunction and gynecomastia.

This state of hormone imbalance can also lead to issues such as a worsening hair loss, worsened skin and an inflamed prostate.

Use Alpha Plus to eliminate low testosterone symptoms

ALPHA PLUS is designed to correct low testosterone symptoms without causing the above problems. ALPHA PLUS contains highly research ingredients combined in a formulation that is designed to:

  • Significantly increase both total and free testosterone levels
  • Balance estrogen levels
  • Improve prostate health and hair and skin condition
  • Improve sex drive and functioning
  • Improve mood, energy and overall sense of well being

Initial testimonial from an ALPHA PLUS user:

‘Hello Ed,

I’ve been taking your new supplement (ALPHA PLUS) now for 2 weeks and things look promising. Although its early days, I have noticed a definite increase in energy combined with libido.

My strength 4 days ago whilst doing rows, bench, and shoulder pressing increased to my best lifts of 9 months ago. Squating yesterday was also very strong. I trained again today i.e. rows, bench and shoulders – rows was up 2 reps, bench was down 1 rep, shoulder press was improved.

Wife was complaining that I’m more argumentative in the evenings. The strange thing is I have lost 1 stone and 2 lbs over the last 6 weeks and my strength has improved with your supplement, which means that it must be helping to reduce fat whilst holding onto muscle mass – another sign that the supplement is increasing testosterone.

All the best Kevin’

Kevin, Ireland

Follow up testimonial 2 weeks later:

‘Hello Ed,

In answer to your questions regards energy, libido etc. Yes there is definitely an increase in libido, not a good thing at my age with a lung problem ;). There is also an increase in mood/energy levels and assertiveness. Actually all positives.

I found tongkat far less effective overall than Alpha Plus. Libido on tongkat was similar but alpha plus is way superior in my opinion for mood, energy, strength and assertivness.

[In refererence to a shoulder injury Kevin is suffering from]:

I went to the doctor this morning to get anti-inflammatory medication for the shoulder – I feel that my condition may be impairing the true worth of your product. It will be interesting now with the shoulder pain taken out of the equation how upper body strength goes, especially the bench press and shoulder press.

As I said previously, I personally find Alpha Plus the best and hopefully the safest natural product I have taken to date and will continue to take it as part of my supplementation.’

Kevin, Ireland

Ingredients breakdown

Zinc (amino acid chelate):

Alpha Plus will quickly correct low testosterone symptoms

Click here to see the ingredients breakdown.

Most men are deficient in zinc, and even a mild zinc deficiency lowers sex drive, limits muscle gain potential, causes weight gain and hurts energy levels.

Zinc supplements are highly effective for correcting the marginal zinc deficiency that so many men are suffering from.

Correcting a marginal zinc deficiency has been shown to:

  • Raise both total and free raising testosterone levels and correct low testosterone symptoms;
  • Improve insulin sensitivity which as well as being essential for preventing diabetes, is important for improving body composition;
  • Improve prostate health and offer protection against prostate cancer;
  • Reduce aromatisation of testosterone into estrogen. A marginal zinc deficiency is a major cause of an elevated estrogen levels in men;
  • Enhance immune system function, allowing you to train harder without overtraining.
  • Balance copper levels in the body, leading to greater energy levels and clearer thought processes. Elevated copper levels are closely tied to elevated estrogen levels.
  • Improve hair, skin and nails quality; zinc supplementation has been shown to be as effective as low dose antibiotics against acne.
  • Increase sex drive and increase semen volume.

Proprietary blend: A combination of herbal ingredients to maximize natural testosterone levels and correct low testosterone symptoms, to keep estrogen in the low normal range and to actually protect against prostate problems and male pattern baldness!

Highly purified stinging nettle root extract

Highly purified stinging nettle root extract is an exceptional ingredient that:

  • Raises free testosterone and DHT levels while simultaneously protecting against issues linked to increased DHT such as prostate problems, Male Pattern Baldness and acne!
  • Increases strength levels in the gym and improves muscle gains after weights training, due to its abilty to raise free testosterone and DHT levels.
  • Improves thyroid hormone levels, triggering fat loss and a ripped look (which is partially due to stinging nettle’s natural diuretic effect).
  • Improves hair skin and nail quality! Stinging nettle is a traditional remedy for skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.
  • Have mild anti aromatase, anti-estrogenic properties ensuring that the increased testosterone does not turn to estrogen.
  • Note: Despite their anabolic effects, the combination of zinc and stinging nettle will likely improve the quality of your skin.

Chrysin with bioperine

Note: Oral chrysin, when combined with bioperine (a highly purified black pepper extract), is very well absorbed and utilized in the body, unlike regular chrysin, and acts as a highly effective, natural aromatase inhibitor.

  • Chrysin with bioperine balances estrogen, protects against prostate problems and improves prostate health.
  • Chrysin with bioperine has been shown to significantly boost testosterone levels when used as a stand-alone supplement.
  • Chrysin with bioperine has been shown to have a non-sedating relaxing effect which leads to mood improvements and better quality sleep.
  • Chyrsin with bioperine, unlike some other anti-estrogenic supplements, has been shown to improve male libido and sexual function.

Ginger root

  • Ginger has been shown in animal studies and preliminary human trials to increase total and free testosterone levels (correcting low testosterone symptom) and to improve sperm quality and male fertility.
  • In addition to boosting testosterone, ginger is an effective aphrodisiac and acts as an energizing mood booster.
  • Ginger is that is an excellent anti-inflammatory herb that reduces muscle soreness after gym training.
  • Despite it’s ability to correct low testosterone symptoms, ginger is one of the most exciting newly researched prostate protecting herbs.

Peruvian Maca root

  • Maca does not increase testosterone but is included for its libido, mood and metabolism boosting effects. Maca also has cortisol balancing properties.
  • Maca has performed exceptionally well in human trials for protecting the prostate against hormone related prostate problems.
  • Maca boosts sperm count in men, improves male fertility and improves erectile function.

Tribulus terrestris

  • Despite advertising to the contrary, Tribulus does not alter hormone levels. It does, however, product reliable aphrodisiac effects and works as a mild mood booster.
  • Tribulus is included in the formula due to ability to alleviates sexual problems in many men and to improve male fertility.

Muira puma

  • Muira puama is also included for its aphrodisiac and mood boosting effects.
  • Muira puama works well with the other ingredients to improve sexual function and sexual desire.

60 day 100% money back guarantee!

Use Alpha Plus to correct low testosterone symptoms

I am so confident that ALPHA PLUS will deliver the results that you expect, I am willing to offer a 60 day 100% money back guarantee!

If after trying ALPHA PLUS for six and a half weeks you are in any way unsatisfied with the product just send the containers, however unused they are, back to me and I will completely refund your purchase price (postage costs not included).

You do not have to decide whether you like the effects of ALPHA PLUS immediately after finishing the six and a half week cycle – you have 60 days to email me saying that you are sending back the containers and I will refund you in full plus.

Click here to purchase premium 1:200/ 600MG strength Indonesian tongkat ali root extract – the most potent tongkat ali product available – with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee

If you have any questions about using ALPHA PLUS to correct low testosterone symptoms before or after you have purchased the product, please use the contact form on the left hand margin of this page and I will quickly get back to you,


Ed Clements
17 Uphill Road, Mill Hill, London, NW74RA, U.K.

Ed Clements is a fitness and health writer who offers advice to men and women explaining how to optimise hormone balance through diet, training, lifestyle improvement and through intelligent supplementation.


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