I received a great question the other day asking whether I recommend two really hyped-up muscle gain supplements that you’ve probably heard of or have read about, ‘T90 Explode’ and ‘N02 Blast’.

Since you may be considering purchasing these  supposed muscle gain supplements, I thought I’d post the discussion as a blog post:

Question on ‘T90 Explode’ and ‘N02 Blast’ muscle gain supplements

‘Hi Ed. I was wondering if you have heard or know anything about the above natural supplements from the States. They are being promoted as a supplement with steroid like results without any known side effects. Apparently most of the film stars take these on a regular basis. i.e. The Rock, Daniel Craig and Sean Penn are but a few who testify to these remarkable products.’

My answer (not overly positive)

‘Hi, I haven’t tried either supplement (and doubt that I will) so please feel free to take my opinion with a pinch of salt and try these both out, if you would like.

That said, below are my thoughts on the muscle gain supplements:

On ‘T90 Explode’:

My gut impression from seeing adverts for this muscle gain supplement on the internet and social media is that it is likely a rip-off/con.

There is a lot of hype around it (generated through what I would assume to be sponsored adverts and links) but I can’t even find the ingredients list published anywhere on the internet. Any muscle gain supplement that does not clearly label what ingredients it contains is, in my experience, likely best to be avoided.

On ‘N02 Blast’:

I can, at least, find the ingredients list for this muscle gain supplement. It apparently contains:

L – Arginine proprietary blend: 900mg, made up of l-arginine, l-arginine alpha ketoglutarate and l-arginine monohydrochloride.

Some men seem to experience positive results from taking supplemental amounts is the amino acid l-arginine but, in general, I wouldn’t recommend it for bodybuilding and strength building purposes or for libido enhancement.

People believe that because l-arginine is the building block of nitric oxide (NO) that taking extra amounts of it will boost up NO levels, giving them rock hard erections and pumped muscles in the gym. People also believe that l-arginine leads to increased Growth Hormone levels.

Unfortunately, studies have failed to link an increased intake of l-arginine to increased NO. This has been repeatedly looked at and this piece of ‘bro-science’ has now been pretty well dispelled.

The below excellent website provides good information on l-arginine and on other popular supplements:


L-arginine side effects

As I say, some men do seem to feel better taking l-arginine, so consider trying the product out, but for many it actually causes some pretty uncomfortable side effects:

  • Increased herpes and cold sore risk:

It is believed that the body needs a balance of the two amino acids l-lysine and l-arginine. These complement each other but need to be kept in balance.

When bodybuilders mega-dose l-arginine, they deplete their lysine levels, and this can lead to a herpes outbreak in susceptible individuals as an elevated l-arginine to l-lysine ratio is known to promote herpes virus replication and the triggering of issues such as cold sores which are caused by the herpes virus.

Many people who’ve tried to supplement l-arginine have had to stop due to developing cold-sores shortly afterwards.

  • Acne/ rosacea:

L-arginine can trigger an acne breakout or a worsening of rosacea in susceptible individuals (I’ve experienced acne breakouts when testing out l-arginine).

This may not affect you but it’s worth noting as general info.

  • Reduced libido due to increased prolactin:

Men often take l-arginine in an attempt to boost their libidos and improve erection hardness but, sadly, this often has the opposite effect.

L-arginine is a POTENT stimulator of the libido reducing a sexual performance limiting hormone prolactin.

Here’s one study but you will be able to find many others available over the internet:


Some men I know who used to dose l-arginine around the clock in an attempt to get a ‘pump’, have reported to me that they didn’t realize that this was killing their libidos.

When I passed on that l-arginine significantly stimulates prolactin release, they stopped taking the l-arginine and promptly found that their libidos returned.

  • Hypoglycemia:

L-arginine stimulates insulin release, which lowers blood glucose levels.

If you’re a diabetic with high blood glucose levels, this would likely be a good thing as l-arginine could help you to lower your blood glucose levels. Diabetics should certainly investigate supplementing l-arginine as it may help them.

However, for normal people and for those who tend to suffer from low blood sugar (I fall into the latter camp), l-arginine is so effective at lowering blood glucose that it can leave you feeling dizzy, fatigued and disorientated – basically it can stimulate a hypoglycemic episode.

This won’t be an issue for everyone but you should be aware of this potential problem and be careful when first trying l-arginine.’

Reader response and question: 2 better muscle gain supplements – Premium Tongkat Ali and Maca
Premium Tongkat Ali - one of the best muscle gain supplements.

Premium Tongkat Ali – one of the best muscle gain supplements.

‘Thanks Ed. Your opinion is always highly regarded. You have confirmed my suspicions regarding T90 Explode.

I will not be trying this supplement. Neither will I be trying No 2 blast. Its the same old story i.e,

If something sounds to good to be true, it normally is, or it’s a drug and not a supplement.

At the moment I’m taking your Tongkat Ali – one cap in morning with one cap of Maca (the latter I buy locally).

What do you think of this combo. I read in your research that you are an advocate on taking Maca.

I find this a very agreeable combo.’

My reply: try maca powder rather than capsules

‘No problem. I think that’s an excellent combo for improving daily energy levels, libido, sexual performance, strength levels in the gym and overall well being,
I’m a big fan of maca, and it does tend to compliment Premium Tongkat Ali very well.
One point, it would probably be cheaper if you can get maca powder. If you can do this, swap your cap for 1 teaspoon of powder per day and you should experience even better results for less money.’

I hope you found that useful. If you do try out the supplements, please do let me know how effective you find them. As I say, I haven’t personally tried these so could be wrong!

All the best,



20 Responses to Effective muscle gain supplements?? ‘T90 Explode’ & ‘NO2 Blast’‏‏

  1. Hamish says:

    I bought these 2 products, total scam, they don’t do anything at all. Also the company scams you into a intro pro price but then you find out if you don’t buy you have to mail back what you have not used.

    To all don’t buy from this scamming company in the states
    1-888-980-9165. Taco nutra marketing

    • Thanks for the feedback. These two supplements are being marketed as part of a pyramid scheme where 3rd party sites are offered massive commissions for recommending them (I’ve received emails on this). Definitely a scam.

  2. John says:

    T90..got be kidding me. charge me in American funds and it is mailed to me in Canada from Toronto (North York) On. now I feel like someone owes me some refund coin. Parcel indicates 6 item, well there is only 5 in the box or does the box count as one item? come on, sending this back to sender. Feel like I have been con out of my money.

  3. Stewart Curet says:

    Want trail for X90explode.

  4. Anofuctus says:

    L-Arginine taken with L-Lysine, L-Carnitine, and creatine is the best natural combination to take to gaining muscle mass. Also a slew or other supplements. I went from a skinny-ass 155lb. nerd to a 215lb. hulk in less than 3 months! FOR REAL!!!

  5. jame garrett says:

    t-90 explode is a scam, Citimex trading LTD po box 153201.suite 1076 tampa, fla 33684, this company is a scam and do not buy anything from them, they got me and will not refund my money, just another internet scam and this company should be shut down and all funds sent back to the people they scammed

  6. Killer says:

    I ordered the 14 day trial and it never arrived, but the vendor doesn’t give refunds for anything YOU lose. Wasn’t expecting in small print and grayed out to be their disclaimer of how they would charge. cost me over $190 US until I figured it out. SCAM!!!!!!

  7. Daryl says:

    well i received and exactly nothing…today received 2 more bottles…so who do i contact to stop this from showing up….any help would be appreciated

  8. Mike Barry says:

    Since I have a very busy life, I didn`t take the time (it was late at night when I ordered it) to really look in to the product. I did make muscular and strength gains but didn`t shred stomach. I was taking it while also taking Aminocore, Creaplx and Isoflex protein powder.
    Here is my main issue. I did receive products within a few days. I was not told at all, how much this would cost me if I wanted the product: The paper that came with each product read (near bottom) If you like how our system helps you achieve your goals (I did put on a lot of strength and muscle but didn’t shred the gut like I wanted after taking exactly as instructed)do nothing. If the system is not for you, please call our customer care line at 1-888-276-1975 within your 14 day risk free trial period to cancel. You will then be issued an RMA number to return the product and you will not be billed any additional amount or receive future shipments. I was not told a cost of what I would be billed.
    I emailed them just now to tell them I was disappointed about being misled. Here is the charge Mar 04, 2016 PSL*Ripped 97.76_V 135.02
    Mar 04, 2016 T90xplode 101.03_V 139.53

  9. brian says:

    heres the Ingredients

    Loaded with all natural ingredients mentioned below, this supplement takes the level of testosterone and libido to greater heights and even leans and tones up your thin or fat looking body.images (8)
    •Tongkat Ali
    •L- Arginine
    •Tribulus Terrestric

  10. gary says:

    I ordered it and after reading reviews called and cancelled. They had no problem cancelling emailed confirmation when I was on phone
    I wanted to compare it to the isagenix nox that I use, which is amazing

  11. Don says:

    I am currently finishing my first month. I work out 6 times a week. I did loose some stomach. I am happy with it. I heard about the whole trial bullshot. I cancelled after the first month with no issues. Have nothing bad to say. Someone called to confirm second month shipment, I told them no and that was that. And dick was actually much stiffer. Cats could climb it. But for real this was a good product for me. Have tried many before. This was the best

  12. Scott says:

    Want to order but won’t accept my address on your form ?

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