Raising Testosterone Levels With Premium Tongkat Ali Root Extract!

Premium tongkat ali is an incredibly effective natural supplement for raising testosterone levels and is gaining an outstanding reputation amongst bodybuilders, strength athletes and men looking to greatly improve their quality of life!

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Why Do Men Need High Testosterone?

Most people have a vague impression that low testosterone is bad for men and that high is good, but not every one realises that raising your testosterone levels will directly improve your quality of life!

‘I would like to highly recommend the use of Tongkat Ali Root Extract capsules. Since I have been taking, I feel as if I were in my 20′s again!!! Not only has my interest returned ~ I walk around in a constant state of arousal…. Thanks so much Ed AND Tongkat Ali!!!!!’  Danny, Georgia, USA


I really never had a huge problem with my libido, but I was noticing a trend towards less frequent desire for sex. I am 35. I was also feeling tired, easily irritable, and fatigued quite often. I have noticed a marked improvement in those areas since supplementing with TA. David, USA

Raising your testosterone into the top of the natural range will give you:

  • A more muscular, leaner physique. Leading to:
    ⇒Women finding you more attractive; increased self confidence
  • Increased strength levels in the gym. Leading to:
    ⇒More respect from your friends; better satisfaction from training
  • A higher sex drive/ libido. Leading to:
    ⇒More enjoyable satisfying sex; a more exciting life
  • Improved erection hardness; better sexual performance. Leading to:
    ⇒An end to performance anxiety; enhanced self image
  • Improved mood and greater daily energy levels. Leading to:
    ⇒Better able to enjoy hobbies and recreation
  • An end to low testosterone induced depression. Leading to:
    ⇒Removal of self limiting, energy draining condition
  • A more confident, assertive and dominant persona. Leading to:
    ⇒Able to excel in your career/ gain financial independence
  • Protection from chronic diseases e.g. Diabetes, Osteoporosis. Leading to:
    ⇒You feeling good, looking great, enjoying yourself into old age!

‘I have noticed improvement in all the areas and I will order more when my supply is running out. Thanks.’ Anonymous, Michigan, USA

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Premium Tongkat Ali Makes Your Testes Fuller, Heavier and Hang Lower

Whilst it’s clear that men with low or mid range testosterone levels need to get their levels up into the high range, it’s not as simple as taking a testosterone pill or using a testosterone gel every day.

There are countless problems associated with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). The most obvious problem is one that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, TESTICULAR ATROPHY! TRT causes your testes to shrink!

This is due to the fact that, when you add testosterone exogenously (externally), your own testes receive the signal that they no longer need to produce their own testosterone. Subsequently sperm production greatly decreases and your testes become small and lifeless.

Many of our customers cycle our premium 1:200 strength tongkat ali root extract continually as a natural alternative to TRT.

Unlike testosterone injections and gels, premium tongkat ali stimulates greatly increased sperm production and this causes your testes to become fuller, heavier and to hang lower… making you feel like an ALPHA MALE!

Muscle-health-fitness.com premium tongkat ali is manufactured in a cGMP facility by manufacturers who certify that they are licensed and that the product is free of heavy metals such as lead.

‘I’m really enjoying the Tongkat ali at the moment. It is energising, as you mention. Even after just five days of two caps per day, I am getting noticeable improvements in mood, sexual performance, libido, strength etc.

I’m looking forward to the continued use of it over the next couple of months…

I’m surprised that it isn’t more popular in the body building/fitness community, and in general for men’s health.’

Anonymous, New South Wales, Australia


I am a 67 year old with a large family and a growing business.  In spite of continued running and weight lifting several times a week, several years ago I began to ‘slow down’ due mostly, after some careful analysis, to reduced, systemically available ’T’.  I tried the crèmes, the herbs and other adjuvant interventions with minimal results then I learned of tongkat ali root.  It worked to restore vigor like nothing else had.

I tried several different suppliers of tongkat ali root but can verify from personal experience that the Muscle Health Fitness supplied tongkat ali root is noticeably more potent.  And since I have now regularly used it for several years, with only one departure to another, more heavily advertised product; it is safe and of the consistent quality I can trust.  Thank you for your product’s integrity.

William Coe

Retired Aerospace Engineer

Use 1:200 strength premium tongkat ali root extract for raising testosterone levels!

Quickly boost your testosterone levels!

We live in modern times, but we are still subject to instincts that were built over the course of evolution.

Women are naturally attracted to males with full, healthy testes as their instinct is to find a mate who is physically capable of giving them a number of strong, healthy children.

Whilst, your wife or partner may be supportive of your decision to use a testosterone gel each day, she will be much more physically attracted to you if you use premium tongkat ali to naturally restore your testosterone levels, triggering your testes to perform as they did when you were a young man!

‘Hi Ed,

Well just a little info about me. Me and my wife have been together for 41 years and still have sex at least twice a week. I am 55 and she is 57. I do take a few herbs in a formula that contains Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus Terrestris, Ginseng, Yohimbine etc. They do seem to give me a lift.

I also just started taking maca about 3 weeks ago and took your advice and cut back to just one level teaspoon. It’s a bag of organic.

So I took 2 (tongkat ali capsules) on Sunday and 2 on Saturday. And took your advice and started with just 1 on Monday and one yesterday (when emaiiled I recommended he began with 1 per day).

Well me and the wife decided to have a couple of cocktails and then 1 thing led to another you know what I mean! It was really after just 4 days unbelievable, and I don’t mean my workout at the gym. I can’t wait for our next wrestling match this Saturday. I’ll keep you updated.’[Text in brackets added by me].

Ronald, Malden, USA

Click here to purchase premium 1:200/ 600MG strength Indonesian tongkat ali root extract – the most potent tongkat ali product available – with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee

Research Behind Premium Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia)

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolio) raises testosterone levels by simultaneously boosting LH and FSH levels and by lowering estrogen levels through inhibiting the aromatase enzyme. Most natural testosterone enhancers only work via one of these mechanisms.

It is the active quassinoids, especially eurycomanone, in high quality tongkat ali extract that are responsible for causing testosterone levels to increase. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23261482 

Cheap tongkat ali supplements do not contain high levels of active quassinoids and, therefore, do not work!

Due to the concomitant increase in LH and FSH and decrease in estradiol, users experience no negative endocrine feedback after using premium tongkat ali for a period of time – testosterone levels remain unusually high for as long as you use the supplement.

Re-ordered another bottle of Tongkat Ali. Training going great besides a small strain in the oblique area… Find the tongkat exceptionally good. Kevin, Ireland.


Comments on tongkat ali by Prof. Dr. Andro

‘Unquestionably, Eurycoma Longifolia Jack would make a great addition to the post cycle therapy of drug using athletes and gymrats.

Having shut down their natural testosterone production due to the administration of exogenous testosterone or other quasi-hormonal compounds, many steroid users find themselves in a situation of self-inflicted “early-onset” hypogonadism, when they finally come off their steroid cycles.

In these circumstances, which closely resemble LOF, “Ali’s stick” may well help to bring the endogenous hormone production back to “normal”.’



‘I do mostly attribute my improved sex drive, mood and current state of well being to the use of tongkat ali… overall, I couldn’t be more happy’. Anonymous, New South Wales, Australia

Premium Tongkat Ali is exceptional for raising testosterone levels.

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Tongkat ali has been shown frequently in studies to improve a man’s mood and ability to cope with stress:

‘Daily supplementation with tongkat ali root extract improves stress hormone profile and certain mood state parameters, suggesting that this “ancient” remedy may be an effective approach to shielding the body from the detrimental effects of “modern” chronic stress, which may include general day-to-day stress, as well as the stress of dieting, sleep deprivation, and exercise training.’


Human study shows that tongkat ali boosts testosterone levels in middle aged men – this leads to improvements in strength and muscle mass levels!

This study found that daily supplementation with high quality tongkat ali extract causes ‘SIGNIFICANT INCREASES IN TOTAL AND FREE TESTOSTERONE CONCENTRATIONS AND MUSCULAR FORCE IN MEN AND WOMEN’!

The researchers suggest that the improvements in testosterone levels are caused by tongkat ali reducing SHBG levels. This may be the case; an alternative explanation is that tongkat ali functions as an aromatase inhibitor, effectively controlling estrogen levels.


Osteoporosis is a symptom of the testosterone decline in old age and the administration of testosterone has been shown in many studies to improve bone density in the elderly. In this study, tongkat ali worked nearly as well at preventing bone calcium loss in old aged rats as testosterone replacement therapy.


In a study conducted to determine, ‘the influence of Eurycoma longifolia Jack (tongkat ali) on sexual behavior (including both motivation and copulatory performance) of sexually sluggish and impotent male rats’, the researchers concluded:

‘Eurycoma longifolia root improved sexual performance but not motivation in sluggish rats after acute or subacute administration. The effect could be mainly ascribed to increased testosterone levels.’


This study also found a significant androgenic effect when tongkat ali was administered to castrated rats and these rats become considerably more sexually orientated than controls!


(The above list of positive studies examining tongkat ali’s effectiveness at raising testosterone levels in rodents is by no means exclusive).

Questions and Answers page on using premium tongkat ali

More Testimonials From Premium Tongkat Ali Users

‘I have been taking Tongkat Ali now for nearly six weeks, on a 6 days on, 3 days off cycle. I have noticed several positive developments over the period, especially over the last two weeks or so.

First, I would say that, overall, I have experienced an enhanced sense of wellbeing. My general energy levels have been higher than normal. More specifically, I have increased the weights for all gym exercises, which is encouraging as I felt I had rather plateaued at previous levels. My recovery time between sessions also seems to have improved. The rate at which I am reducing fat and increasing muscle and muscle definition has certainly accelerated.

Apart from taking Tongkat Ali, I have made no other significant changes to diet or lifestyle during this time. It therefore seems to me that most of the effects must be attributed to this herbal supplement (although my increased energy and shorter recovery time has encouraged me to fit in a few more exercise sessions than before, which obviously does itself improve mood and further accelerate results).

I have also experienced increased libido. If Tongkat Ali does increase testosterone, that would account for many of the positive effects. In the meantime, I have suffered absolutely no adverse side effects. I certainly intend to continue taking Tongkat Ali for the foreseeable future,

Thanks very much for introducing me to this substance.’

Simon, London, UK


‘Hello Edward.

I have been training for 26 years. I started training after falling from a roof in my job as a mason where I ruptured several discs in my spine.

At the age of 32, having undergone lumbar injections, acupuncture and reflexology, without getting any real relief from pain, I turned to weightlifting to try and build muscle around the injury.

After time, the weights eventually made my back so strong that I entered a power lifting contest and won. I eventually became national power lifting champion. Ironically my best lift was the deadlift, with a 285kg national record at that time.

I have used st*****s during my training , competing naturally and not so. Winning natural competitions is far more rewarding than ones where d***s are used. I originally took st*****s to help eleviate joint pain (these were prescribed by my doctor). I trained and entered competitions for several years before taking st*****s.

I have retired from powerlifting, I now train for pleasure, strength and fitness, plus I still believe I can get stronger – training heavy and hard.

I have not used d***s for 8 years; instead I take natural supplements. Ive probably tried nearly every supplement on the market over the last 25 years. So I think I’m in a position to say which actually work.

I would like to say that no natural supplement will duplicate the effects of taking st*****s. Although your supplements would come the closest to doing so.

I have read your articles on basic supplements for raising tetosterone and building muscle. The tongkat ali you sell works better than any I have tried before. Plus I take zinc as you recommend, a good whey protein supplement and, of course, micronised creatine monohydrate – plus a good mutivitamin. I will confirm these supplements actually work, and work well.

Thanks for your articles on natural supplements. I’d also like to congratulate you on the quality of your products.

P.S. I can still squat 200 kgs for reps; 150 kgs for reps on the bench press; and 190kgs for reps on the deadlift at nearly 60 years old and a fairly solid 19 stone. I’m training mon, wed and fri.

I have recently been diagnosed with chronic lung fibrosis (46% lung function), from working around cement dust over the years, and have contracted pneumonia 3 times during my life.

Your supplements are helping me train with this depleting disease and, believe it or not, i’m actually getting stronger.

Keep up the good work.’

Kevin, Ireland

Click here to purchase premium 1:200/ 600MG strength Indonesian tongkat ali root extract – the most potent tongkat ali product available – with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee

Cycling PremiumTongkat Ali

When using premium tongkat ali for raising testosterone levels, I recommend buying 60 capsules – this will last you six and a half weeks if you take 2 capsules per day and cycle it 6 days on, 3 days off.

Taking premium tongkat ali every day will not lead to it becoming ineffective but cycling premium tongkat ali is the most effective way to use it.

I would recommend you consider trying out a weights training program, based around heavy compound movements such as the squat, dead-lift, bent over row and bench press, to complete over this period.

Weights training, as long as you do not consistently over-train, is great for raising testosterone levels and lowering cortisol. Heavy weights training whilst taking premium tongkat ali helps users to feel and look great!

‘Over the last few weeks my gym performance has remained mostly steady, but have some slight improvements. Slight improvements in muscle size and body weight, and definitely not adding body fat, if anything getting leaner body weight.’ Anonymous, New South Wales, Australia

Extremely High Re-Order Rate

Since beginning selling this excellent natural testosterone booster, the rate of customer reorders is extremely high and I frequently receive very positive feedback. The level of refund requests has been virtually non-existent.

60 day 100% money back guarantee!

I am so confident that premium tongkat ali will deliver the results that you expect, I am willing to offer a 60 day 100% money back guarantee!

If after trying premium tongkat ali for six and a half weeks you are in any way unsatisfied with the product just send the containers, however unused they are, back to me and I will completely refund your purchase price (postage costs not included).

You do not have to decide whether you like the effects of premium tongkat ali immediately after finishing the six and a half week cycle – you have 60 days to email me saying that you are sending back the containers and I will refund you in full.

Click here to purchase premium 1:200/ 600MG strength Indonesian tongkat ali root extract – the most potent tongkat ali product available – with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee

If you have any questions about using premium tongkat ali for naturally raising testosterone levels before or after you have purchased the product, please use the contact form on the left hand margin of this page and I will quickly get back to you,



Edward Clements

17 Uphill Road, Mill Hill, London, NW74RA, U.K.

Ed Clements is a fitness and health writer who offers advice to men and women explaining how to optimise hormone balance through diet, training, lifestyle improvement and through intelligent supplementation.


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  1. syed says:

    I will be using Tongat Ali for the first time also I will be using it for raising testerone level. Please advise what is the prescribed dosage?



  2. Bryan Orling says:

    Hi Ed: This is Bryan, I’ve been using your Tongkat ali product for some time and I’m completly satisfied. I’ve recommended your products to others also. I’m on my last bottle and wondered if your going to have any special deals again. It helps my bottom line when I can purchase a large order and recieve free bottles as well. Hope so soon. Bryan

    • Hi Bryan – good to hear from you and thanks for the positive feedback!

      As a regular Premium Tongkat Ali user, I will be able to give you a special offer of buy 2 bottles, get 1 free. Let me know if you’re interested by contacting me on here or dropping me an email and I’ll send you an invoice.

      All the best, Ed

  3. dalet says:

    How much is your tongkat ali in $

  4. Dave Robinson says:

    Hi Ed,

    Quick question, how many caps. are in a bottle?


  5. Louis da Silva says:

    What delivery options do I have to South Africa.
    I am interested in your Premium Tongkat Ali 3 bottles

  6. Louis da Silva says:

    Hi Ed
    I am interested in 3 bottles Premium Tongkat Ali,
    What delivery options do you have to South Africa

  7. John says:

    Yes, how many capsules in the bottle?

  8. Duke234 says:

    Hy Ed,
    You are talking about a break using Tongkat Ali after 8 weeks. How long should be the Break?
    Best regards

  9. Uwe says:

    Hi Ed,
    I am 60 years old and I have a low but for my age a normal testosteron level. What will be the optimal dosage for me ? And do you have a special offer of Premium Tongkat Ali now ?


    • Hi Uwe – I’d start with 2 caps per day (cycled 5 days on, 2 days off) and try this for a couple of weeks. If you feel you need to, you can up to 4 caps per day. For most men, 2 is sufficient. There aren’t any special offers on at the moment but I’ll let you know.
      Cheers, Ed

  10. Tausha says:

    My husband is 62 what is the correct dosage for him.

  11. jo bass says:

    Poor guy who only have sex twice a week at 55! I am 68 and she is 67 and …we do it daily, sometime twice and for her it us not enough!!!

    • Good on you. I guess he might not necessarily have the same amount of free time as you do and/or not see his wife everyday. I for instance travel throughout the week so don’t see my girlfriend every day.

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