Peptopro: better than whey protein supplements

PeptoPro post workout supplement may be better than the whey protein supplements you’ve tried out.

I recently tested out a post-workout supplement called PeptoPro and was surprised and pleased to find that it is better than popular whey protein supplements I’ve tried in the past.

This hydrolysate of casein protein (the other protein to whey found in dairy) is extremely quickly digested and absorbed (much more quickly than whey protein supplements) and improves recovery and muscle building when taken before, during and/or after lifting weights.

PeptoPro results compared against whey protein supplements

I’ve been using this for around a month and am finding that I feel less sore and recover more quickly after my gym sessions. I’ve also added some muscle mass and have also slightly leaned down! The only change I have made is to swap my post workout whey protein supplements shake with a PeptoPro based shake.

PeptoPro post workout shake:

The exact mixture I’ve been using is:

– 20 grams peptopro
– 500ml of vimto drink (any sugary drink would work)

PeptoPro disolves in the vimto rapidly and without requiring blending so I can actually mix my drink at the gym. This is extremely convenient for me.

I recommend you give this post workout supplement a try in place of your whey protein supplements.

If interested, click here to buy the brand of PeptoPro that I’m using.

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